How to make a CUTEST little hanging wall fruit basket


In This tutorial i will show you how I made it using my pocket hole system, miter saw, and orbital sander, but I’ll include the alternative directions if you don’t have those tools.

Here’s a suggested shopping list:

  • (1) 1x6x6 (cut in half, to 3′ long)
  • (1) 1x4x6 (cut to 3′ long, or whatever length to match the 1×6 boards)
  • (6) small screw hooks (I used 7/8″ cup hooks from Home Depot, pictured below)
  • (3) baskets (I bought mine from Michaels at 50% off, so $5 each, woo hoo! They came with burlap liners, but I didn’t like those so I pulled them out, baskets pictured below)
  • (2) picture frame hooks (to nail to the back to hang from the wall)

Additional materials if you don’t already have them:

  • fine line paint brush
  • small bottle of white acrylic paint
  • Wood stain (I used Varathane’s “Briarsmoke”
  • Protective coating (I used Varathane’s “Matte” Polyurthane)
  • Sponge brush for stain and poly
  • Sandpaper (or orbital sander if you have one)
  • Rustoleum’s “Rubbed Oil Bronze” spray paint.

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