How to make a beautifl canavs


what You need  :
Canvas (any size)
Doilies (at least 2 for small canvases – for bigger canvases at least 4)
Spray Paint (whatever color you want.  I always use Krylon spray paint)
That’s all you need!  🙂

I used an 8″ x 10″ canvas for this tutorial, but I’ve made these big too.  My largest is 16″ x 20″.
Lay your canvas on your painting drop cloth.  Arrange your doilies how you’d like them.

Once your doilies are in place, grab your spray paint and spray away!  Make sure and give that canvas a really good coating!
Now wait about 10 seconds, because that’s probably all you’re going to be able to wait if you’re as impatient as me.  LOL!
CAREFULLY pull off the doilies… and VOILA!  You have an awesome piece of art.  Easiest tutorial thus far I think.  Huge impact?  YOU BET!

and that’s it  🙂