How To Make A Rainbow Unicorn Costume For Halloween



How To Make A Rainbow Unicorn Costume For Halloween

-Hoodie pattern with a three piece hood – I used the BIMAA sweater sewing pattern*
-Matching leggings or legging pattern – I made leggings but purchasing would be easier
-Pink jersey* or pink French terry*
-1/4 yard polar fleece in six different colors – add 1/4 yard to the color that will become the wings and horn
-Free unicorn horn sewing pattern
-Free Pegasus wings sewing pattern
-Free pony ears sewing pattern


In this tutorial I use a three piece hood. I had two rows of hair for the mane. If you have a two piece hood you can eliminate one row of hair.
Cut out your pattern pieces.


Cut our four rectangles of each color of fleece measuring 4 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Cut 1 inch hair slits into each piece but leave it connected on one side.


Layer two pieces of each color around the curve of the hood overlapping each color about halfway with another color. You should never have more than four layers of fleece at a time.


Pin the center hood piece over the fleece mane and sew it together. Then sew the center hood piece to the other side.


Finish the hood as recommended by the pattern. Then add the ears and the unicorn horn. Sew the hood onto the sweatshirt.


Cut long rectangles for the tail measuring 4 inches wide by 18 inches tall.


Cut 1 inch hair into the tail pieces but leave it connected on one side.


Layer three colors onto three other colors and overlap them by half.


Pin the tail onto the sweatshirt hem and sew. My pattern has a waistband so I sewed the tail into the waistband, but you can also just sew it onto the hem.


Finish the sweatshirt. Add the Pegasus wings to the back of the sweatshirt.

If you make a rainbow unicorn costume, Please share it on social media