The amazing DIY Ideas To Recycle Old CDs


Ds or DVDs may become old and unplayable after a while. If you have stacks of old CDs lying around, and don’t know what to do with them. This list is for you!
In this post, we have rounded up lot of creative way to recycle that pile of old or unwanted CDs and DVDs. Here you will find you can turn them into coasters or make them into ornaments that can be used to decorate a Christmas tree and more when you apply a bit of creativity to your old CDs.

Gift Wrapping With CD Pieces

Glue the pieces of old or scratched CDs or DVDs on randomly to create an eye-catching gift wrapping. A Perfect gift wrapping idea for whatever the occasion may be with your own style.

DIY Iridescent Mirror Frame

Refurbish an old frame with colorful CD pieces for reuse in your home. Totally low budget with high impact DIY home decor ideas.

DIY Curtain Decoration With CDs

Drill holes in discs then attach with book rings, fishing line or yarn to make this stunning CD curtain, room divider or as a decorative shade in a window. It will be a perfect decoration for teen girls’ room!

DIY Wall Art From Old CDs

You can also create a stunning wall art from your old, unwanted CDs.

DIY Sparkly Collar With CDs

Refashion the old t-shirt by creating this sparkle collar with old CD or DVD pieces and get yourself in style.

Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot

Ever got a stock of useless CDs? Don’t throw them away! Make a beautiful CD mosaic flower pot instead.