8 DIY Alternatives To Traditional Planters


Planters are amazing, they save space and they look good. But sometimes you can’t keep buying them or you might just want a more fun way. Here we have 8 ways for you to make your own planter using various stuff. Some of these projects require some work and others don’t, It depends on how much fun you’d like to have.

1.Use An Old Floor Lamp

Here, the lamp shade has been removed and a lined basket filled with soil set in its place.


2. Use Old Steel Buckets

3. Use An Old Laundry Basket

What would you do with a broken laundry basket? Make a planter out of it.


4. Use Steel Baskets For A Ball Planter

You can hang it to give life to an empty, lonely corner.


5. Use Wine Corks

These cork planters are super sweet. They are easy to make.


6. Use A Bird Cage

A birdcage planter can add a unique touch in your garden. Hang it inside the house or outside on a tree.


7. Use Toy Trucks

Who wants a boring old pot when you can have something unique like this?


8. Use Old Tea Caddies

Don’t forget to drill a couple of draining holes in the bottom.