How to make masking tape hand


This project takes approximately 15-20 minutes. You can try wrapping your own hand, but it’s definitely easier to borrow a friend’s hand.


  • Glowstick(green or orange look great)
  • Masking Tape
  • Disposable drinking straw
  • Scissors

Step 1. WRAPPING THE HAND- Always start with the sticky side of the tape facing OUT, otherwise the tape will stick to your model and will be harder to remove.  Place a straw against the wrist and palm of the hand as shown. This will keep the tape from getting too tight and help when removing the tape at the end. Hold the end of the tape in place with one hand, while wrapping the tape around the wrist with the other hand. Leave at least an inch of the straw exposed at the bottom. Overlap the tape, so that it sticks to itself. This will make it easier to wrap the rest of the hand.
Step 2. Continue wrapping the tape up the wrist, sticky side out. Remember, make sure not to wrap the tape too tight or your model will be uncomfortable.
Step 3.  When you get to the hand, wrap the tape across the palm and around the thumb, similar to how you might wrap a hand with a bandage.
Step 4. Keep wrapping until the palm is covered.

Step 5. The back of the hand should be covered as well. You can add more tape in spots that are still uncovered, making sure to keep the sticky side facing out.
Step 6. Next, start wrapping the index finger. The fingers will be tricky, the tape is sticky and the fingers are close together. Use the scissors as you are wrapping to cut any tape that sticks to itself.
Step 7. Finish wrapping all the fingers until everything on the hand is covered with tape. It might appear messy at this point but that will be fixed in the next step.
Step 8.  Repeat steps 2-8, this time with the sticky part of the tape facing in. You can cut the tape into smaller pieces to get into the areas around the fingers. When you are finished, the hand should no longer be sticky.

Step 9. REMOVING THE HAND FROM THE TAPE- If possible, you should let the model do this step.  Insert the scissors into the end of the straw and cut carefully along the straw.
Step 10. Continue cutting the tapped hand apart, until the model can slide their hand out, you will use the tape to fix the cut seam.
Step 11. Use the masking tape to put the hand back together and fix any places the might be coming undone, especially around the fingers.
Step 12. The hand is complete. You can use this wrapping technique on other parts of the body, like your feet. Add a glow stick inside the hand for a creepy effect. You can also create a zombie rising from it’s grave.