14DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas To Setup A Fall-Inspired Home


Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins

Thanksgiving hits and the list of materials that you can disguise into pretty pumpkins seems to be quite endless. One such edition to the gourds are these ultra-winsome painted wood slice pumpkins that will be the true showstopper of just about any spot around the house – whether it’s the porch, the mantel, or simply the dinner table. Once you coat the wooden plaques with orange acrylic paint, let brown acrylic to blanket the balsa wood sticks. Cut the sticks down when they get dry to make the stems that you glue to the back of the wood slice. Coiled floral wire wrapped around the sticks and curled with fingers look amazing as vines.
Decor Source : anightowlblog

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls

Who needs all that silverware or expensive dishes anymore when more than splendid DIY autumn leaf bowls come into play on the dining table. Putting loads of faux autumn leaves to great use to create an all new, fully-functional piece of home decor, these bowls are apt and appropriate for holding all those yummy Halloween treats. To get crafting, you need some craft store leaf garland, Mod Podge in matte finish, a foam brush, a balloon, a pair of scissors, and a mixing bowl. The key is to lay leaves on the balloon coated with wet mod podge and pop the balloon when the mod-podge covered assembly of leaves gets dry.
Decor Source : hellolucky

DIY Wood Slice Owl

Make a true statement with an insanely adorable decoration piece resembling a cute owl. The fact that this DIY prettiness will never spoil is all credits to the materials its constructed of – a wood slice forms the foundation for the creature’s body, while some wide jar lids and regular mouth canning jar lids with bands along with pop bottle caps go for the eyes. The serving spoon used for the nose and beak will take your breath away, especially when it’s coupled with 2 forks going for the feet that seem to hold a tree branch super gracefully. For an extra element of glossiness, coat the wood slice with a nice stain or Danish oil.
Decor Source : houseofhawthornes

Pumpkin Monogram Wreath

Sheer minimalist yet true beauty are what you can rightly call this pumpkin monogram wreath that pays a tribute to Thanksgiving, the lovely autumn veggies and also, the name of a special someone or yourself with a lovely monogram attached to the gourd. You are going to need a pumpkin monogram kit, various colors of craft paint, a few paint brushes, a paper plate or paint tray, some sand paper, a craft glue, and a pair of scissors. This inspiration goes for a delicate ribbon bow to hang the wreath to the front door, but you can always go for your choice of fabric to make the piece hang-ready.
Decor Source and Tutorial : craftcuts

Thom The Turkey Tulle Wreath Tutorial

Speaking of front door wreaths, the idea of fall often brings flowers and leaves to the mind, but who would imagine that you can also disguise this piece of decoration into a glorious turkey? To make the decorative bird-cum-wreath, you are going to need 2 small styrofoam balls, a small styrofoam cone, a few toothpicks, a styrofoam wreath, about 50-75 yards of tulle on a spool in a few different colors like red, orange, and yellow, some brown yarn, a sheet of red craft foam. black and yellow acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and a glue gun. How the delicate tulle goes for the lavish wings of the bird is a thing of sheer delight.
Decor Source : babyrabies

Thankful Sign and Paper Feather Banner

Synonymous to pastel splendour, here’s a fall-inspired banner that strings a spectrum of paper feathers together. And the banner itself hangs gracefully on a rustic wood sign that spells ‘Thankful’ worked up with gold vinyl and Silhouette. The feathers are colored card stock paper in shades of navy blue, light coral, mint green, and white that are going to totally win over your heart. An extra dose of glamour comes with the feather tips painted in glittering gold spray paint, further stringing the feathers together and taping the string to back of the sign. A simple fold made lengthwise will introduce a new dimension to the feathers.
Decor Source : finditmakeitloveit

DIY Flower Tutorial Thanksgiving Decorations

Integrate the elegant essence of flowers and the natural elements of the harvest season with the weathered texture of natural stems to end up in one heck of a super functional decoration. A floral foam soaked in water is placed at the bottom of the vase, and the fresh greens lay the basic shape for the arrangement. Beautiful roses are the point of emphasis here, while smaller flowers not only provide the filler, but also spread all the lovely hues throughout the arrangement. How you want your assembly to end up is a matter of your very own creative vision, and making your serving table a huge hit would seem to be a total child’s play.
Decor Source : bloomsbythebox

Ombre Bottles

The mere glimpse at this rocking inspiration is worthy enough of grabbing all those empty wine bottles lying in the attic and brightening them up with a splash of gradient immersed in the autumn spirit. The fact that the candy corn motif is spray painting and you don’t need to strive for perfection to get things done makes the project even more awesome. Simply gather the bottles with their labels removed, a cardboard, and spray paint in orange, white, and yellow and you are already in business to crafting an awesome ombre bottle centerpiece. Insert a few twigs in the bottle and club with a few pumpkins, leaves and candy corns.
Decor Source : brit

Copper Pumpkins Fall Centerpiece

A coat of shimmer comes magically handy in glorifying even the most ordinary of items, and this fall centerpiece explains the statement just right. Apply two light coats of copper spray paint over simple plastic pumpkin pails from The Dollar Store after getting their handles removed. Once dry, the little beauties are all set to house beautiful white flowers in place with rice or beans used to weigh them down. You can either flaunt the jack-o-lantern side of the gourds for a funky element, or place them turned towards each other to get a pleasant appearance that suits the occasion of Thanksgiving.
Decor Source : uptodateinteriors

Yarn Pumpkins

Casting a festive spell on the table, these yarn pumpkins totally steal the show with the kind of finesse they come with – specially that whole hollow magic blanketed with bright colored yarn. Based on the classic yarn ball crafts worked with balloons, these beauties would look as splendid when placed as a standalone centerpiece as they would when arranged in groups. To forge the inspiration, you need pieces of orange yarn cut to equal lengths, white glue, and a balloon blown up half full. Wrap glue-covered yarn on the balloon, and burst the latter once the piece gets dry. Green and brown pipe cleaners are the best vines and stems ever.
Decor Source : onelittleproject

Easy DIY Fall Leaves Potted Topiary Tree From A Tomato Cage

What else does one need to hit all the right notes for the festive season when you have got this topiary tree loaded with glam and glitz adorning the house? Two urn planters provide the base for huge autumn leaf trees made by wrapping fake fall leaves garland around two tomato cages placed on both the sides of the mantel. Allow lots of Christmas lights to spruce up the trees with a super bright glow – tuck the lights under the leaves for a softer touch and to hide the wires. You are going to fall head over heels in love with the warm autumn aura it sets around the house. Check out the detailed steps shared in the below guide by Home Talk.
Decor Source : hometalk

DIY Falling Leaves Garland

Just imagine if that scenario of gorgeous leaves falling down the trees during the autumn season enters your home! Doesn’t it sound like a page from a fairytale book? This DIY falling leaves garland makes the dream come true, that too with just a few minutes of effort and a bunch of simple supplies, including a bag of artificial leaves, a paint brush, Elmer’s glue, and some glitter. Each of the leaves, coated with golden or silver glitter is a breathtaking affair, making the whole space gleam with sparkles. For the assembly, you need to punch a hole at the top of the leaves, attaching a ribbon to tie to a large ribbon strand.
Decor Source : houseofjadeinteriorsblog

DIY Fabric Tape Pumpkins

Directing everyone’s eyes to themselves, these decorative pumpkins just can’t go wrong with that brown gingham fabric tape lining them with utmost elegance. A few plastic faux pumpkins from the store come handy for pulling off the super inexpensive project in a totally mess-free fashion. The basic idea is to cut the fabric tape into strips, followed by placing the strips on the pumpkin and voila! If you would like to go for a little more artistic element, you can also replace fabric tape with patterned washi tape. It’s amazing how a complete new life gets added to those simple faux gourds.
Decor Source : mountainmodernlife

Thanksgiving Mason Jar Craft

Synonymous to enchanting, a mason jar housing lots and lots of wheat with all its earthy charm goes miraculously well with the appeal of Thanksgiving. Plus, that Be Thankful note on the jar, having each of the terms done in a different font makes it one heck of a showstopper. Once you have washed the jar, spell the quote with peel and stick stencils or you can also try cutting out vinyl or contact paper. The subtle hue of white spray painted on the piece makes the letters pop when the stencils are removed, white tracing each letter with gold paint marker with a fine tip introduces the glamour. A hemp cord and tie wrapped on the top make it oh so gifty!
Decor Source : thecountrychiccottage
All the aforesaid DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas scream it quite out loud that letting the world know how thankful you are for everything is not only a beautiful, but also a super easy-to-achieve affair. Whether planning in advance, or simply working out a last-minute decor, these inspirations can come to your definite rescue!