Colorful Clothespin Trivets


Can you believe this are made from clothespins? I had to do a double take when I saw that, and think this crafty idea is genius. An easy way to make something creative and expensive looking while being budget friendly, those are my favorite projects!

For this project you will need:

  • Clothespins (roughly 24 per trivet)
  • Paint/stain
  • Super strong glue (I use e6000)

First up take apart roughly one bazillion clothespins. Okay, about 24 per trivet in truth 🙂
Now, I painted mine but I kind of wish I had stained them. Painting can be done after but staining of the pins should be done before moving on.

Play around with how you can put your pins together and still form a circle.

Carefully glue each pin together…

…in the shape that you worked out.

Once the glue has dried for any sets you might have made you can begin gluing those together to form the trivets.

Some, like this pattern you’ll just glue the pins right to one another.