They are easy to make and are a perfect accessory for a variety of outfits. You can make them in different colors and mix and match them as you please. You can even vary the wire color that you use for an entirely different feel. Learn how easy it is to make DIY bangles!


  • Darice Thick Wire (16-20 guage) or Darice Memory Wire
  • Darice 26 Gauge Thin Wire for Wrapping
  • Variety of Darice Beads
  • Darice Flat Nose Pliers
  • Darice Wire Cutters
  • Goblet or Glass
  • Darice Charms (optional)

Step 1. Form your thicker wire onto a spherical object, such as a glass or goblet. You may want to use another bangle as a basis for your bracelet size, but you can also measure as you go. If you are using wire 16 gauge and down, your bracelet will be good with just 3 coils. For wires 18 gauge and above, you may want 4-5 coils for each bracelet. For a thicker and more stabilized bangle, use as many as 7-10 coils each.

Moreover, for an even easier time, you can use memory wire and just cut 4 coils for each bracelet – you will not need to form your wire onto a spherical object anymore as memory wire already comes in a coiled shape.
Step 2. Take a length of thinner wire and wrap the end of it around a section of the bracelet, about four times. Cut the excess wire. If you can’t wrap the wire with just your hands, use flat-nose pliers to clamp the short end of the wire to the bracelet while you are wrapping with your other hand.

Step 3. Thread a bead (or two) onto your wire, and then tightly wrap it around the bracelet base again, for another four times. Repeat two or three times on each bracelet, evenly spacing them throughout the piece.

Step 4.  When wrapping the section with the coils’ end, make sure to loop one of the coils end, before wrapping it with wire. Catch the looped end with the wire wrapping to secure it in place.

Step 5. Thread your bead onto the wire and wrap, making sure the other end of the coil is inside the wrapped section – cut off the excess coil and loop, finishing your DIY bangles.

You can also add charms to your DIY bangles to make them look more fun.

Another way is to vary the beads that you use – use a combination of bigger beads and smaller beads, pearls, stones, druzies and what-have-yous for a fashion forward look!