12 Super Hacks To Always Keep Your Kitchen Organized


 Mount up the shelves

We often face problems in our kitchen such as space problems, the problem of keeping things organized, keeping the kitchen clutter free, maintaining its look, and so on. This happens because either do we have a lot of stuff supposed to be kept in the kitchen or the kitchen is small with less storage space. The reason can be any. But the outcome is one- the kitchen looks messy due to lack of organization.
So is there anything that you can do to solve this problem? The answer is a big YES. You can increase the storage space and keep things organized even if your kitchen is small or you have a lot of stuff to be managed in your kitchen. Here are some of the tricks you should definitely try to make your kitchen spacious, more organized and keep things in place. Let me know what do you think about them in the comments section below.

Attach wall-mounted shelves for everyday needs such as crockery, glasses, cups, etc. Such shelves are easy to reach and convenient too. Mounting the shelves on wall utilizes the empty space of wall to keep kitchen stuff. Modern shelves also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

 Cabinets near the ceiling

Installing cabinets near the ceiling obviously adds up to a great extent to the storage space. Just get cabinets on two walls of the kitchen and you will have the space to keep lots of kitchen stuff.
These cabinets are difficult to access on a daily basis. You need to place some stool, then climb on it and then take out the required thing. Thus, it is more advisable to store stuff which you need less frequently in these cabinets. Doing this, you will have only those things in front of your eyes which are required the most. Such high cabinets will help greatly in managing space and keeping the kitchen clutter free.

 Introduce your kitchen to a spice rack

Get a rack and put your spice jars in it. A sponge rack is a good fit for keeping spices. You can hang it on the wall so that it looks organized. You will not only have easy access to spices required on a daily basis, but also space where you used to keep them(probably in a cupboard) will get freed.
It is very easy to detach and clean and looks simple.
Or you can use something as shown in the second picture.

Under sink drawers

Under sink spaces are generally much messier as compared to the rest of the kitchen. Make way for drawers or cabinets under the sink to store the cleaning kit. These drawers add up to the space allowing you to store more goods and use the space in the best manner.

Utilize the cabinet doors

Have you attached or hanged anything using the cabinet doors? If not then you are wasting this much useful space for hanging purposes.
You can hang cooking tools such as spatulas, spoons, ladles, etc on the inside of the doors. You just need to stick a command hook on the inside of the door and then hang whatever you want to. This is all of the work you have to do and in return, you get the best space for your kitchen tools which can be easily hanged.

Hanging baskets

Hanging up the fruit baskets on the support of the ceiling saves the space on the kitchen countertop. You can use it for keeping fruits, vegetables, or any other kitchenware you think might fit in. Also, the hanging basket is a different storage idea which you will not find in every other house. So who knows, even your guests might be impressed with this storage tip.

Categorizing the cabinets

Categorize the cabinets on the basis of like items being kept together is a good way of keeping things organized and also remembering the place you where you kept a particular kitchenware. Keep all the similar items together in a particular cabinet and other categories of similar items together in another cabinet.

Proper cleaning schedule

One of the reason for our kitchen to look unorganized and messy is that we don’t clean it often and properly. We allow the small messes to accumulate which then slowly turns into a bigger mess.
Wipe down and clean all surface on a daily basis after preparing meals.
Make a habit of keeping things in place after you use them.
Deep cleaning your kitchen should be stretched out at last to once in 4 months.
A proper cleaning schedule can result in a kitchen as clean the one shown in the above picture.

One out for one in Method

Normally, we just keep on accumulating things. Whenever I buy something for my kitchen, I try to adjust it in the space available in the kitchen. This phenomenon continues and there comes a time when the kitchen falls short of space making the things messed up.
To solve this, every time I introduce a new product, utensil or any other thing to my kitchen, I eliminate one old product, utensil or any other thing which is not needed much or is just using up the kitchen space. Doing this keeps the total space utilized by kitchen accessories constant. Having limited stuff in your kitchen will help you better in keeping things organized.

Buying what you actually need

If you are yet to buy appliances and accessories for your kitchen, make a shopping list of things that you actually need. If you feel that a particular thing might be useful for you someday, then don’t buy it.
You don’t know if that thing will actually prove useful for you or not. I myself have ended up buying things which I think never came into my use. Their only purpose is to use my kitchen space and increase my cleaning tasks.
Soon, even I will use the one out for one in Method. Just a little lazy.

Keeping the counters empty

 Make zones in your cabinets

You can make zones for different items which you use regularly or even at the same time. You can make zones such as a spices zone, coffee zone(where you can keep materials required for making coffee), frying zone. It’s totally up to you that on what basis you will make zones. Make your frequently needed zone near your cooking space so that you can reach out to it within seconds.