10 DIY Projects About Farmhouse Decorations That Are Amazing


DIY Rustic Ladder Wall Hooks

This amazing rustic ladder wall hooks definitely look outstanding and has a nice farmhouse look. Making this rustic ladder is simple, nice and inexpensive DIY project to make if you need something to decorate your dull wall. This rustic ladder wall hook gives a warm and farmhouse touch to your home.

DIY Old Farmhouse Gate

This farmhouse gate is a nice decor element to add a rustic touch to your home. Making this old farmhouse gate DIY project is super easy and it is also a great project where to reuse an old wood if you have some leftovers. Adding a nice wreath on it only brings a natural and romantic look to it.

DIY Blanket Ladder

This blanket ladder is a great way how to store your blankets. With this ladder you can save a lot of space and that because this DIY blanket ladder is a perfect project to make if you have a small apartment or room. Besides that this ladder DIY project has a practical use and it looks truly an amazing rustic home decor project to try, it is also a super simple and inexpensive DIY project to make.

DIY Vintage Style Laboratory Rack Flower Vases

These laboratory vases are becoming kinda popular nowadays. They give a nice, romantic and farmhouse look to your room. This vintage style laboratory rack flower vases DIY project is a simple and inexpensive one. So if you are looking simple and easy rustic farmhouse DIY project which actually look nice and have a practical use, then this project is something to consider to make.

DIY Hanging Table

This awesome hanging shelf will definitely look outstanding in every room. This hanging table DIY project is super cheap and you do not need a kt of material to make it. This hanging table brings nature touch to your home and adds farmhouse look to the room.

DIY Laurel Wreath

Wreaths are a great way how to dress walls up and not spending a lot of money doing that.  This laurel wreath may look simple but it truly gives a lot of natural and chic touch to the walls of your room. Also, this DIY laurel wreath is super simple and inexpensive project to make if you are looking some ideas how to decorate your walls with rustic farmhouse touch.

DIY Rustic wood Lanterns

These farmhouse look lanterns truly look amazing. Lanterns are a great way how to ass warmth and coziness to your home. If you are looking simple rustic farmhouse DIY project to try out, then this DIY is just for you. It is just as simple that everybody can make it and also, it is an inexpensive and practical project to make.

DIY Wood Magazine Files

If you love to be organized and you like rustic farmhouse look, then this DIY wood magazine files project is definitely one to make if you do not have a nice file holder. Also, this wood magazine file holder is made of scrap wood and that’s because it is a great DIY recycle project to make.

DIY Wood Slice Hanging Planter

Using a natural wood in your home decoration will give the nice and farmhouse look to your home. Especially if you use it as a plant holder. This DIY wood slice hanging planter has a warm and farmhouse look and it brings a nature closer to your home. Also, it is a super simple DIY project to make for everybody.

DIY Magazine Holder

You like to keep your stuff organized and on the hand? Well, this amazing magazine holder will be a big helper with that. Wooden frames give an extra rustic farmhouse look and this cool and natural colored textile give an extra farmhouse touch to it. Also, it is super simple and inexpensive DIY project to make.