How to Make Microwavable Heat Packs


A heated pack feels great on cold feet during a winter evening, but, it is well known that heat helps soothe sore muscles. Applying heat to sore muscles helps soothe tightness and helps to promote better blood flow. It is even said to be more effective than cold therapy when treating muscle and arthritis pain. If you are in need of some serious muscle TLC, use these awesome tutorials to help you to get back on your feet.

1. Gather Materials 
The basis of every great craft project begins with the gathering of materials. You will need these items:
– Thread
– Filling (corn, rice, barley, oatmeal, beans, cherry pits)
– Two pieces of cotton material.
*Additionally, you could add a few drops of an essential oil to further promote healing*
2. Pin 
Pin the edges of your two cotton material pieces, make sure the backside of the fabric is on the outside. Pinning them together insures a straight sewing line, and prevent any issues with unevenness.

3. Sewing
This is the part where things get a bit tricky. Use the pins as a sewing guide, be sure to remove them as you go! Leave a section open so you can flip the fabric and fill.

4. Iron 
Turn the newly sewed heat pack the other way around, and press using a iron. Of course, this step can be skipped, but it helps the finished result to look better.

5. Fill
Here comes the best part. Use a funnel to help get the rice fully in (this helps to prevent a mess!). Do not fill the bag more than halfway full. Once filled, pin the open section and sew up the hole.

6. Enjoy
We lied, THIS is the best part. Use your newly acquired heat pack to warm your cold feet or soothe that tense muscle in your back. Begin microwaving at 2 minutes, and increase the time as you feel necessary.

If sewing machines scare you, you can always fill an old sock with rice and simply tie it up. No effort is required!

Wellness Mama also suggests using the bottom half of a pillow case, you only need one seam to finish this up!