Denim DIY Coasters


We all have the pair of beloved jeans that we wore to bits, but don’t have the heart to throw away or donate. So, instead give new life to your denim and make them into DIY coasters with this sewing tutorial.
I’ll show you how to fray denim without damaging the fabric and how to make coasters your guests will want to use. These coaster make great sewing projects for the beginner sewer, and they’re also a fun DIY home decor project you’ll want to give as DIY gifts!

1. Pins
2. Old denim Jeans
3. Iron
4. Scissors
5. Marker
6. Sewing Machine
7. Ruler
8. Thread

Step 1: On one pant leg cut out a denim square 4 inches by 4 inches.
Step 2: On the other pant leg cut a small slit with scissors. Then, pull on each side of the slit and tear a line up your leg.

Pro Tip: The reason you tear the denim up is to define the straight grain which is the original line of weaving from the fabric production. This ensures that there is no extra stretch or bias in your fabric so that your projects come out straight. This is the technique used to professionally fray garments without damaging the fabric.
Step 3: Take your ripped pant leg and measure 2 inches out from the newly ripped edge. Mark all the way up the edge.

Step 4: Cut up the marked line and section into 5 inch segments. Then, cut out the segments.

Step 5: Take your ripped segments and on the edge that we originally ripped start pulling out the loose threads. Continue to pull threads out until you have an inch of frayed denim.

Step 6: Pin 2 denim strips on opposite sides of your denim square. Stitch in place.

Step 7: Iron your stitching open.

Step 8: Pin the other 2 denim strips to opposite sides of the denim square. Pin in place.

Step 9: Stitch the remaining two denim strips in place and iron the seam allowance to one side. Secure any edges that might fray with fray check and enjoy your coasters!

These coasters are a great way to practice and to experiment embroidery stitches on, so feel free to add your own twist to this project!