Beautiful DIY Garden Stones


We have a day in our house that we don’t talk about very much. John was helping me while I was in CA taking care of my Mom by running my Grandma Irene’s teacups and saucers to an event. Well, he was busy working and being a full time dad to Caleb and he was rushing and put the tray with all the teacups on the toolbox of his truck.  You can imagine what happened…he then backed out with them still there! Yes, it was a big and mighty crash! I was devastated…but not more than John was. I really loved those teacups!  John still feels sick when he thinks about what happened. At the time, I couldn’t bear to throw them away, so I just tucked them away thinking that at one time I would come up with some sort of project for them…and now I have!

We are just finishing our backyard landscaping and I am planting myself a perennial garden. I wanted to make stepping stones to put in around the flowers and her  teacups were perfect. Here is how I did it – First I separated the china into big pieces, good flat pieces, and tiny little pieces.

Next I mixed the garden stone cement and got it nice and smooth in the tray.

I then started laying the pieces. I started with bigger pieces on the edge to make a nice edge and then added some big pieces in the middle.

Just push the pieces down with nice even pressure until it sinks into the cement. Sometimes I needed pieces to fit but didn’t have anything, so I took a bigger piece and wrapped it in a thick towel and then hit it with a hammer until it cracked as big as I wanted it.

Sometimes the water from the cement would come to the top and get in the way of being able to put the little pieces in. When it got that way I just placed a paper towel over the top and let it soak up the water.

I am super happy with how they tuned out! I especially love the teacup handles in them!