Frugal Four Season Burlap Wreath

Need a cheap, quick and versatile wreath? This one’s for you all you’ll basically need is a pool noodle, glue gun, burlap and a needle and thread to make a few easy stitches.
First I measured off the amount of burlap I’d needed to cover the noodle and an additional amount for a fringed edge I’d create.
Laying the burlap straps end to end I secured the seams with a glue gun to create one long continuous strip. The strip should roughly be 1 1/2 to 2 times the length of the pool noodle to allow for scrunching.
Next I wrapped the burlap around the noodle to get the measurement for the seam I would be sewing to make a tube shape to slide over the noodle.
I hand stitched with a simple running stitch the entire length of the burlap strip.
Once the seam was finished I could slide the sewn tube over the noodle and give it a scrunched look.
For added strength I even had to seal the ends with duct tape, there was a lot of resistance with the noodle wanting to straighten itself out again!😄
I used gardening wire to wrap around and create a hanger for my wreath at the back.
I made a boutiner of sortsome and added a safety pin as a means to swap out for the next season.
I made a simple burlap bow and glued it as a permanent look to my wreath but the snowflakes are a temporary seasonal accent as is the boutiner.
A Summer look was a butterfly accent and a bright tulip boutiner.