Intro: Make a Basket Out of Plastic Bags

No knitting or crochet required, just some sewing and braiding. It’s not the quickest project – it’ll probably take you a couple days to make one, but the results are well worth it, I think!
And I already made all the assembly mistakes so you don’t have to. HURRAH!
Don’t have extra plastic bags laying around? You can use t-shirts instead!

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

  • sewing needles (sharps OR heavy duty will work best)
  • white thread (I chose polyester for added strength)
  • a thimble (I really recommend coin thimbles)
  • plastic bags of all types – grocery bags are easiest, but you can mix and match.

The thicker, more opaque bags will produce a thicker braid, while thin, more transparent bags will produce thinner ones. Try to get as many colors as you can – my basket is made almost entirely of white bags with very small amounts of color, and I think it would look even nicer with some full color bags mixed in.
I did lose track of how many bags I used to create this basket, but I’m guessing it was no more than 30. 🙂
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