Forget About Counting Calories – Eat Nutrient Dense Foods



Counting Calories

Lost weight effectively and consistently by counting calories? If you were too then you would have to weigh all your food and take into consideration your age, activity level, weight and percentage of muscle!

It’d be worthless unless you were able to figure out a way to assess how much brown fat you had and whether the communities of mitochondria in it and your muscles were youthful or old.

If you want to lose fat, eat as much as you want, whenever you want, as long as your diet is based on a balanced selection of specific foods.

If your diet were based on eating what you need instead of eating what you want, you wouldn’t be hungry, you’d lose body fat and get healthy.

Nutrient Dense:

Nutrient dense foods have a high ratio of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, etc., relative to the total calorie count of the food. For instance, spinach, the first “super food,” has a lot of nutrients and very few calories.

How can you eat a balanced diet of all the nutrient dense foods you want and lose body fat at the same time? Yes, eating too much of any food can lead to fat storage, but it’s harder to overeat protein or nutrient dense foods in general than the processed carbs and fat found in calorie-dense foods. In general, eating high nutrient, lower-calorie foods would have the following benefits:

  • Allow you to control calorie intake without counting calories.
  • Make you feel full longer between meals.
  • Make it harder to overeat.


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