If you need an excuse to make a custom keychain, we’ve got you:

  • Update the keychain you’ve had since before you can remember
  • Create a spare set of keys for the pet-sitter
  • Make a spare set of keys to leave with the neighbor so when you lock yourself out you don’t have to break into your own place
  • Decorate your backpack
  • Decorate your purse
  • Create the snazziest luggage tag on the baggage carousel
  • Get organized by creating a separate key ring for all those tiny rewards cards
  • Use this as a way to hone your already fabulous macramé skills


For the striped macramé keychain, she used vertical half-stitch knots and wool roving yarn to make the stripes. The third and fifth custom keychains are super easy—string a few beads and add a tassel. And the fourth DIY keychain pictured here is just a long braid folded in half and wrapped with embroidery floss.


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