Free Tutorial on how to make a DIY Weighted Blanket – Can help calm people with Autism!


Before I start, I just want you to learn from my mistakes….So mistake #1 was doing this while my “helpful children” were around. I wish I would have done this project after bedtime or during school. I had to stop every few minutes to get a drink or milk for one child, stop them from using my sewing scissors ON the blanket I was trying to sew, etc….learn from my mistakes! I’d also recommend reading through the whole tutorial once before starting….too many times I start to follow a tutorial and jump ahead and have to unpick my project…again, learn from my mistakes!

What you will need: 

  • Fabric (I used 2 yards to make this size blanket-turned out to be 36 x 60-you get however much fabric you want/need)
  • A disappearing ink pen
  • Ruler OR straight edge of some sort
  • A scale that can measure ounces
  • Poly Pellets (don’t worry I will tell you where to get them

  • Poly Fil (stuffing)
    • Then of course a sewing machine, thread, scissors! 😉

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