How to Manage It All: Work, Side Hustles, Eating Healthy, Staying Fit, Relationships, Etc.


Here’s how to manage it all:

Fill two needs with one deed

Optimize your time by combining certain tasks. This doesn’t necessarily mean multi-tasking because that may be counter productive. If there are a couple of things that can be done simultaneously without problem, then do them together!
These are my real life examples:
-I attend a weekly meditation class (social, spirituality) with my mom (relationships)
-During my commute (necessity) I listen to podcasts or motivational audio (personal development) OR I’ll talk to my boyfriend on the phone (relationships)
-While I do cardio at the gym (staying fit) I’ll catch up on YouTube videos (recreation/fun)
-While I fold laundry (day to day tasks) I’ll watch YouTube videos (recreation/fun) or talk on the phone (relationships)
-While I meal prep (eating healthy) I listen to or watch educational/motivational videos (personal development)
-I also work on my ebooks/digital products or schedule pins on Tailwind during my lunch breaks!
Over the years and as my life changes, I’ve been able to optimize my time more. Combining these things usually makes life more enjoyable anyway.

Get self-disciplined 

Self-discipline takes effort and time to develop. It’s not always easy, however it’s necessary if you want to take your life to a different level. I think a lot of people get motivation, willpower, and discipline confused. They are all separate and when it comes down to it, motivation and willpower mean nothing.
Motivation and willpower don’t last or work. How many times do you get super motivated to work out or wake up early but when it comes to it you don’t show up at the gym or you hit the snooze button?
With self-discipline you correct and regulate your behavior to get shit done, even if you don’t feel like it. The moments when you really don’t feel like doing something but you make yourself do it anyway, that’s what will make you grow. You’ll become more driven, more dedicated, you’ll pick up better habits, and you’ll gain more confidence in yourself.
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