17 Foods + Drinks to Calm your Anxiety and Stress Right Now [New Expanded List]


1. Banana reduces anxiety quickly!

Top 17 Foods for anxiety - Ultimate guide
Did you know that eating a banana about ½ an hour before doing something that causes you anxiety will help calm your nerves?
So say you had a big performance and you get stage fright. Well, just before the performance, eat a banana! Timing is key!
Wondering why?
Bananas are natural beta blockers. According to, beta blockers are given to patients (in pharmaceutical form) to help with anxiety, blood pressure or heart conditions. Banana does the same thing, if you time it right.

  • Eat 1 or 2 bananas right before your stressful event.
  • If you still feel stress or anxiety, take a break and swallow down another half way through.
  • Always keep a banana in your purse or bag if you lead a stressful life at school or work and know you’ll need it to help calm you down.

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