Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog Boarding Facility

Selecting the right dog boarding facility is crucial for ensuring your furry friend’s comfort, safety, and happiness while you’re away. With numerous options available, it’s essential to ask the right questions to make an informed decision. In this guide, we’ll highlight the top 10 questions you should ask when choosing a dog boarding facility, ensuring peace of mind during your absence.

1. What are the Accommodation and Amenities Provided?

When evaluating a dog boarding facility, inquire about the accommodations provided for your pet. Ask about the size of the kennels or rooms, bedding options, and availability of outdoor play areas. Additionally, inquire about amenities such as grooming services, exercise routines, and any extra services offered.

2. How is Supervision Handled?

Ensure that the boarding facility provides adequate supervision for all dogs. Ask about the staff-to-dog ratio, monitoring protocols, and supervision during playtime. A reputable facility should have trained staff members supervising the dogs at all times to ensure their safety and well-being.

3. What is the Vaccination Policy?

Protecting your dog from contagious diseases is paramount. Inquire about the facility’s vaccination requirements for all boarders. A reliable facility will typically mandate up-to-date vaccinations for common diseases such as rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough).

4. How are Medical Emergencies Handled?

Inquire about the facility’s protocols for handling medical emergencies. Ask about the availability of on-site staff trained in pet first aid and CPR, as well as their relationship with nearby veterinary clinics or hospitals. Knowing that your pet will receive prompt medical attention in case of an emergency provides invaluable peace of mind.

5. Can I Tour the Facility?

Before entrusting your dog to a boarding facility, request a tour of the premises. Pay attention to cleanliness, organization, and the overall atmosphere. Observe how the staff interacts with the dogs and assess whether the environment aligns with your pet’s needs and preferences.

6. What is the Daily Routine Like?

Understanding your dog’s daily schedule at the boarding facility helps alleviate anxiety and ensures a smooth transition. Inquire about feeding times, exercise routines, and opportunities for socialization. A structured daily routine promotes stability and comfort for your pet during their stay.

7. How Do You Handle Special Needs or Medication Administration?

If your dog has special dietary requirements or requires medication, discuss these needs with the boarding facility. Inquire about their experience in handling special needs pets and their willingness to accommodate specific routines. Ensure that they have protocols in place for administering medications accurately and on time.

8. What is the Communication Process During My Dog’s Stay?

Maintaining open communication with the boarding facility is essential. Inquire about their communication protocols, including how they provide updates on your dog’s well-being. Whether through phone calls, emails, or photo/video updates, regular communication helps ease any concerns and keeps you informed.

9. How Do You Handle Behavioral Issues or Aggression?

Addressing behavioral issues or aggression is crucial for maintaining a safe and harmonious environment for all dogs. Inquire about the facility’s approach to managing challenging behaviors and how they ensure the safety of all guests. Transparency regarding their training methods and disciplinary measures is essential.

10. What is the Booking and Cancellation Policy?

Finally, familiarize yourself with the facility’s booking and cancellation policies. Understand their requirements for reservations, deposit fees, and any penalties for cancellations. Clear communication regarding these policies helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures a smooth booking process.


Choosing the right dog boarding facility requires careful consideration and thorough research. By asking the ten essential questions outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision that prioritizes your dog’s comfort, safety, and well-being. Remember to prioritize transparency, communication, and a commitment to providing the best possible care for your furry friend during their stay.


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